Law school cafe – MIR JD Program at Queen’s

Thought you might be interested in the progress of a joint JD/MIR (Master of Industrial Relations) student at Queen’s. I am a huge fan of joint law school degree programs.

I am currently in the second year of the joint Masters of Industrial Relations/JD program at Queen’s. Last year I completed the Masters portion of the program and took two of the required first year law courses as well. It was difficult being in two programs at the same time, and the workload was very heavy, however it definitely helped to foster time management skills!

Normally this program would take 3 and a half years to complete, however if you study abroad at the Bader International Study Centre in Herstmonceux Castle, UK during the summer semester, you are eligible to graduate in 3 years! I had a great experience at the castle and would highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity – especially if you are in a joint program. It was a really good chance to get to know the law students a bit better and it was interesting to learn about international law. The professors all had amazing careers and we had great travel opportunities.

This year has been much less hectic as I have graduated from the Masters program and am a regular law student. I have to complete the remaining 3 required first year courses, and am taking Labour Law, Employment Law, Collective Agreements and Arbitration as well as Civil Procedure. I didn’t get to choose any of my courses this year, as they are all required for my degree. Next year, I will be able to choose all of my courses, and will complete the required ‘individual study project’ on a labour and employment topic. I also hope to participate in a competitive moot or externship program offered through the University.

More recently, I participated in the Toronto recruitment process this semester – which is quite the process! Given my background (BComm, MIR, VP of the Labour and Employment Law Club at Queen’s), I was fairly certain that I wanted to practice labour and employment law. I interviewed with mainly with L&E boutiques and full service Firms with large L&E departments. I ended up accepting a position at a labour and employment boutique and am very excited to start working this summer! I have really enjoyed the combined MIR/JD program, and think it was a great asset to have during the Toronto interview process.