Obama LSAT score

Much of what you read in the news is of little value but of great interest. One area of interest is President Obama’s LSAT score. Although an LSAT score is hardly a measure of one’s worth as a person, it is something that few people forget. Unfortunately there are many people who believe that their LSAT score does define their worth as a person.

Those with low LSAT scores worry that a low LSAT score is an indication that the score is binding – that is  a measure of their worth.

Those with high LSAT scores worry that the high LSAT score is NOT binding – that it is NOT a measure of their worth.

Either way, the LSAT brings out the anxiety in people.

I came across an interesting book by Alan R. Lockwood, Barack O’Liberal – The Education of President Obama. The site describing the book has an interesting excerpt:

Obama’s LSAT Score

  • Author Jack Cashill predicted, “As to Obama’s LSAT scores, Jimmy Hoffa’s body will be unearthed before those are.” Time to get out the shovel because the mystery is about to be unearthed – that is, Obama’s LSAT score, not Hoffa’s body. . . . The derivation of Obama’s LSAT score in this chapter is based solely on . . . data available to the public for over two decades from, among other places, the Library of Congress. All those who believe the Law School Admission Council shouldn’t have disclosed such LSAT data should send their complaints directly to the LSAC . . . preferably before the data was published in 1990.

A blog post written by Stuart Kovinsky concluded that:

Lockwood looks at LSAC data to narrow down the President’s scoring range; he examines African-American students from Columbia who applied to law school, noting that only two of them had LSAT scores above the 63rd percentile – both of whom scored between the 94th and 98th percentile. Since a score below the 63rd percentile would almost certainly disqualify any applicant from Harvard, Lockwood concludes that Obama was almost certainly one of those top two scorers.

Lockwood also looks at Obama’s self-reported GPA, which was definitely on the low end for Harvard applicants, reinforcing that Obama likely needed a top LSAT score to get in.

The author’s Twitter site had the following tweet:

Interesting information, Yes! Useful information, No!