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Taking The LSAT

When should you take the LSAT?

How long should you prepare for  the LSAT?

Should you retake the LSAT?

The LSAT and the visually impaired (blind)

About the LSAT

The LSAT Simplified

LSAT Logical Reasoning – How The Argument Goes

LSAT Reading Comprehension – How To Improve

LSAT Comparative Reading

LSAT Logic  Games  Webinar

LSAT Logic Games – The Basic  Skills

The secret language of the LSAT (quantifiers)

Poll – meaning of the word “few”

Logical Reasoning – The Dangers of Overcategorization

Thoughts on LSAT Preparation – Let’s Call it the “READ” test

Thoughts on LSAT Preparation – Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Thoughts on LSAT Preparation – Categorization of Questions

Thoughts  on LSAT Preparation – How To Choose Answer  Choices

Thoughts on LSAT Preparation – Pre-LSAT Prep

LSAT Prep Books

Best LSAT prep books

Third party LSAT books – a good investment or a waste of money

The Tipping Point has arrived – LSAT Prep goes  digital

LSAT Tutors and Tutoring

How To Effectively Use  LSAT Tutors

LSAT  Preparation Courses

Your LSAT teacher isn’t everything – it’s the only thing!

Law School Application and Admissions

Your chances of getting into law school

Opportunities to study law – Think Big

John Richardson interview – Law School Bound


Canadian law school rankings and your choice of law school

Bar Admission and Character

Why the decline in admistered LSATs is irrelevant to law school applicants


ABA Considers Making the LSAT Optional – 5 Posts

1. ABA considers making the LSAT optional

2. Should the law schools be required to use the LSAT?

3. Is the LSAT a valid test?

4. Will the law schools use an optional LSAT?

5. The GRE as a substitute for the LSAT