@UTlaw student in joint law MBA program talks job opportunities and value of #lawschool

This is a somewhat interesting interview. This is a first year student in the first year of his combined law MBA degree. The benefit is that it gives you the “law student perspective”. This is interesting when compared to the perspective of Osgoode Hall Dean Sossin.

The points include:

– law school is a good option for many people

– not all law schools are the same

– some law students go to Bay Street

– must consider the risk/rate return on investment – will you get your money back?

– not worried about getting a job because he is in he joint program

– positive about joint law degree programs

– lots of discussion of Canadian law school rankings (those interested in Canadian rankings will also be interested in U.S. law school rankings).

My thoughts:

The way to solve the problem of the return on investment issue is to like what you are studying. If you are interested in law school then go. If you are not interested then don’t.