Here is a former Toronto lawyer who always fought for the underdog – rare breed indeed!

On April 19, 2015 the Toronto Star ran a feature on Harry Kypoto. I remember Mr. Kypoto from an earlier time in his career. Whether you liked him or not,  Harry Kypoto was worked hard for his clients.

I am posting this article because it is the story of a man who really did try to make a difference for this clients. Sure me may have made some mistakes. But, he reminds of a time when the practice of law was more of a calling and less or a business. I the Province of Ontario people are still “Called to the bar”.

An excerpt from the article includes:

To his disenfranchised clients, disbarred lawyer Harry Kopyto is a hero figure, willing to take on their cases and fight for what’s right, often for little or no pay. To his critics, he’s publicity-seeking, self-righteous and erratic. Now in his sunset years, he’s still fighting to set the record straight.