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Planning and Achieving “LSAT Happiness”

Planning for LSAT Happiness – People don’t plan to fail, the fail to plan

Living with the LSAT – Your LSAT Life Cycle

Although the LSAT is not the most important part of your law school application file, it is the single most important test. The LSAT generates more stress than any other part of the law school application process. As you go through life different considerations become important at different times. Similarly, as you go through the LSAT stage of your life, different considerations are important at different times.

Life has stages. Your “LSAT Life” has different stages What follows are the stages of your LSAT life and information about the considerations that are important at that stage. Please note most links are to the Law Services site. They and they alone control the rules and regulations surrounding the LSAT. Hence, you should get your information direct from LSAT.

This LSAT blog post is just an attempt to identify the factors that are most important and where to find them. You LSAT life will have a beginning, a middle and an end. What follows are the factors that are most important for each stage.

The Beginning of your LSAT Life – What you need to know Before registering for the LSAT

The Middle of your LSAT Life – What you need to know During the period between registering for the LSAT and taking the LSAT

The End or your LSAT Life – What you need to know After you have taken the LSAT (It’s Over!)

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