Thoughts on LSAT Preparation – Simply, Simplify, Simplify

“READ Effectively ” – “LSAT Simplicity is virtue”

In my last  “Thoughts on LSAT Preparation” post I suggested that the LSAT should  be called the “Read” test. “Read” is an acronym for:

“Reading Effectively and Deducing”

In this post  I will suggest  the  most important principle for effective reading on the LSAT.

I received the following email from a student in a recent course:

“Hi John:

LSAT school was a blast.  It helped me improve one of the areas I had been struggling w/ at the start my LSAT preparation – logic games.  But the most important lesson I learned from you course was that when it comes to answering the questions, LSAT simplicity is virtue.”

When it comes to the virtues of “simplification”, Kyle Pawewark points out on his LSAT Blog:

[…] Your preparation should be focused on simplicity, which will increase your accuracy and your efficiency.  See our blog post, “Three Keys to Success on the LSAT: Simplify, Simplify and Simplify.” […]

Simplicity and the importance of “Small Steps”

Anybody can complicate. It’s takes an organized mind to keep things simple. One way of keeping things simple is to reason in “take small steps”. In fact when it comes to the LSAT:

“The smaller the step, the bigger the result!”

Simplicity and Focusing On What You Do Know

There is good news  and bad news.

The bad news  is that there will be things that you don’t’ know.

The good news  is that  there  will be things  that you do know.

Focus  on the things that you do  know.

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