Toronto Osgoode Hall’s @DeanSossin on #lawschool #law careers and the legal profession

This is a very interesting interview. He touches on many aspects of concern to pre-law students. (It’s interesting to get the perspective of a first year U of T law student on the same issues.) The points he makes include:

– there are lots of opportunities in the legal profession that go beyond Bay Street

– the problem of law school debt does/can restrict career opportunities

– although the quality of legal education has never been better, the relationship between a legal education and income has never been less certain

– law school graduates from outside Canada are putting pressure on the opportunities in the legal profession

– although he didn’t use these words, he makes it clear that: opportunities in law follow changes in society

What I conclude from this interview (which is what I always tell people):

If you are interested in studying law, then go to law school. If not, then don’t go.

That said (IMHO), if you can’t find something that interests you in law, then …