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LSAT Logical Reasoning Flaws: The Stuart Trilogy

I came across a nice series of posts on LSAT Logical Reasoning written by Stuart Kovinsky – a very experienced LSAT teacher. Thought I would share them with you in one post.

You should read these posts to gauge your progress in your LSAT prep. If you don’t understand them you are probably NOT ready to take the LSAT. If you do understand these posts then you may be ready to take the LSAT.

Therefore, an understanding of these posts is a (choose choice A or B) condition for being ready to take the LSAT.

A: Necessary

B: Sufficient

The correct answer is A – Necessary.


Taking the #LSAT on February 9? “Simple” minded advice for being prepared

The February 2013 LSAT is exactly one week away. For most LSAT takers, the word “LSAT” has become synonymous with the word  “anxiety”. What do people feel anxious about? People taking the February LSAT typically suffer from  “heightened” LSAT anxiety for  two reasons:

1. It is the last (the word is “last”  and not “LSAT”) test they can take in the current application cycle;  and

2. I suspect that February testing pool includes a much higher percent of people who have already taken the LSAT. The problem with retaking the LSAT is that:

You are  taking the LSAT already knowing that you have underperformed. The knowledge that you have “underperformed”  once is not helpful  to you. It is not good for your confidence.

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John Richardson interviewed: Law School Bound


In late March of 2010 I was interviewed about my “Law School Bound” book by Steve  Schwartz (the publisher of  “LSAT Blog“). What follows are the questions and answers.

1.  You published Law School Bound back in 2006. What new advice do you have for law school applicants today?

Law School Bound was designed to guide people from the decision to attend law school, through the application process, through the bar admission process and into a legal career. The book was designed to “stand the test of time”. Therefore, I wouldn’t give any different advice in 2010.

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LSAT Logic Games Webinar –

I highly recommend that you visit  “”. It is either run by or in conjunction with the Law School Admission Council (the people who brought you the LSAT).

On Thursday April 28, 2010, conducted  an  “LSAT Prep Webinar” about how to prepare for the Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) portion of the LSAT.

It was conducted by Lori Davis, who is a senior test specialist at LSAT. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that LSAT has run a seminar dedicated to LSAT preparation. As a long time, LSAT prep class teacher, I was interested to hear what LSAT says about its own test.  I was treated to one hour of  “LSAT on the LSAT”. It was interesting. I made notes and decided to put those notes on my LSAT blog and social media sites. What follows is a summary of the Webinar (both the information given and the my impressions of it) for the benefit of those who were unable to attend. will be running more LSAT prep Webinars.

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When is the best time to take the LSAT?

When should you take the LSAT?

Three Principles:

1. Applying  to law school and LSAT preparation is lots of work.  You must not let  the process of applying to law school interfere with study time that is necessary for high grades.

2. The application deadlines for law school are generally in the fall.

3. May law schools  use a process  of “rolling admissions”. This means that you will evaluate  applications prior  to the law school application deadline date.

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How long should you prepare for the LSAT?


When Should You Start Preparing For The LSAT?

Although this is the  way the  question is usually asked, there are  really two questions:

First, how long should you prepare?

Second, during what period of time should you prepare?

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