Component 5: Law School Preview

The Socratic teaching method from the movie “The Paper Chase”: Note that the case used is a case that you may will use in your contracts class.

Law School Preview – The One L Experience

John Richardson – University of Western Ontario – 2011

Law  school is an investment of time and money …

Law school admission is a fantastic goal. That said, law school is three years of your life. The process of bar admission will take another year. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about what law school is like and the various opportunities to study law. One way to learn about what law  school is about is  to participate in a law school class.

Law schools in North America teach pretty much the same curriculum …

Canada and the United States are (with the exceptions of Quebec and Louisiana) common law jurisdictions. Hence, the first year curriculum at North American law  schools (and the Australia, New Zealand and the U.K.) is pretty much the same. The base  courses covered at all law schools include: contracts, torts, real property, personal property, criminal law, public/constitutional law, and legal writing. After having completed  these  courses students have great latitude in charting their own “course” (no pun intended).

Law  professors use a variety of teaching styles …

North American law schools  use the case study method. This means that  you will read a real case (prior to  the class) and the case will be used as the basis for that particular class. Law school professors vary in their approaches. Some professors use the “Socratic method” of teaching which was demonstrated in the movie  “The Paper Chase” which centers around a first year contracts class at Harvard Law School. Some professors use a teaching method that is closer to the traditional  lecture  format and some use  a style  that  is “in between”.

It’s a great idea  to sit  in on a law school class …

We  have always encouraged  pre-laws to “sit in” on a law school class. Some people manage this and some  don’t. It isn’t always easy. As a guest it  is impossible to participate  in the class. Furthermore, it’s unusual to sit in on more than one class.

John Richardson has brought the law school class to you …

Over the years we have brought the law school class to you. We have accomplished this by inviting real law professors  to teach real cases to our students.

In June of 2013 we are bringing the complete first year law experience to you …

Preview First Year Law School – June 2013

This year we plan to give  you a preview of NOT just one law  school class but rather a  preview of most of the first year law school  curriculum. We will  have five  law professors – one professor a week – teaching a class in his or her area of expertise. This fantastic experience will allow you to:

– get a taste of each of the different subjects typically taught in first year law school;
– have the opportunity to read  and prepare five  different cases in five  different subjects
– give you the opportunity to participate  in five law school classes taught by four different law professors;
– experience different kinds of  teaching (from the Socratic method to traditional lecture);
– better decide whether law  school is for you.

You will have the opportunity to participate in law school classes, taught by real  law  professors,  in the following different law school subjects:

Contracts – Professor Philip Slayton – Former Dean of Faculty of Law – University of Western Ontario – Date TBA

Philip Slayton – Lawyer, law dean and author

Torts – Professor John Kelly – Seneca College – Founder Canada Law From Abroad – Date TBA

Personal Property – Professor David Finnegan – Cooley School of Law – Lansing, Michigan

Profesor David Finnegan

Real Property – Professor David Finnegan –  Cooley School of  Law – Lansing, Michigan

Prep for Professor Finnegan’s classes.

Criminal Law – TBA

Constitutional  Law – TBA

Professor Eric Colvin

But There Is More – You Will Also Meet Law Student Mentors …

It is important to hear how law students actually experience the law school and the law school teaching experience. Law student mentors will be integrated into the “Law School Preview” learning experience! Experience the law student perspective at the University of Ottawa by following  Law School Cafe.

The Law School Personal Statement Workshop

The bottom line is  that you need  to get yourself into law school – the law school personal  statement is a major factor. John Richardson’s  Law School Personal Statement Workshop  is included free as part of the law school  preview.

Success Favors The PREPared Mind!

This incredible experience will be included at no extra charge to students in the Richardson Mastering The LSAT Course. Others may participate in “Law School Preview – The One L Experience” for $395.

Want to  get started now?

Here are  some  resources:

Take the Bar and Beat Me – Raymond Woodcock – This is one of the best (and maybe the best) book ever about the law school experience. It’s  free to you.

Law School  Bound – John Richardson – The ultimate Pre-Law Career Manual – takes you from the making the law school decision to  becoming a lawyer

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