Law School Personal Statement

There are three groups of law school applicants.

Group 1: Those who will almost certainly be admitted to law school. They have high grades and high LSAT scores. They may not be admitted to all the schools they apply to, but they will admitted to law school.

Group 2: Those who are unlikely to be admitted to law school. They have low grades and low LSAT scores.

Group 3: This is where the majority of applicants find themselves. They need a push “over the top” and “into the school”.

The good news is that they have demonstrated they have the ability to perform law school work.

The bad news is that their grades and LSAT scores so NOT presumptively make them better applicants than others.

For those in “Group 3”, their law school personal statement is very very important.

Therefore, we offer:

1. Group law school personal statement workshops as referenced in the following tweet:

2. From time to time, personalized law school application assistance referenced in the following tweet.

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