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Taking the #LSAT on February 9? “Simple” minded advice for being prepared

The February 2013 LSAT is exactly one week away. For most LSAT takers, the word “LSAT” has become synonymous with the word  “anxiety”. What do people feel anxious about? People taking the February LSAT typically suffer from  “heightened” LSAT anxiety for  two reasons:

1. It is the last (the word is “last”  and not “LSAT”) test they can take in the current application cycle;  and

2. I suspect that February testing pool includes a much higher percent of people who have already taken the LSAT. The problem with retaking the LSAT is that:

You are  taking the LSAT already knowing that you have underperformed. The knowledge that you have “underperformed”  once is not helpful  to you. It is not good for your confidence.

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