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Effective LSAT tutoring

Most  people associate tutoring with two ideas.

First, that by using a tutor they will have a one-on-one (or private) session. This may or may not be true. Some tutoring sessions operate  with small groups. We  have made  some effort to organize “small group” tutoring sessions that  focus on specific LSAT question types. Many LSAT test takers actually benefit from  having another student in the discussion. In general, “LSAT tutoring” will be in an environment with fewer students that you will find in “Live LSAT Preparation Courses”.

Second, that they will be able to use a tutor to focus on the LSAT question types that are of most concern to them. This may be true.  But, is this of value? In my experiences many LSAT tutoring sessions unfold by a student showing the tutor a number of “problem questions”. The tutor will then explain the questions and why the answer is what LSAT says it is.  This may be of  limited  value (although you will feel better). There  is a difference between understanding an explanation to  a question and being able to answer the question yourself. You need to learn how to answer the question yourself.  All  LSAT question types need  to be understood in terms of the structure of the test  and how the question furthers the “R.E.A.D. Objective”. There is a difference  between explaining the answer  to an LSAT question and teaching the “approach” that will teach you to  answer  the question on your own. Continue reading