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Interested in criminal law? Great interview with F. Lee Bailey at the height of his career

F. Lee Baily has been one of America’s most well known and effective criminal lawyers. Some love him. Some hate him. But, it’s impossible to not respect his abilities as a lawyer.

Now: At 83 he is now living a “quieter life” in Maine. He reflects on some of his cases here:

Then: What follows is a fascinating interview of Mr. Bailey when he was a “rising legal star” – soon to become a legend.

The following videos will motivate some of you to want to become criminal lawyers. Your LSAT Preparation is the first step.

Still interested in becoming a criminal lawyer? You might find this blog piece about Toronto lawyer Peter Rosenthal to be of interest.

When the passion for life meets passion for career – Math meets law

I have always (well not when I was a teenager) understood the difference between having a career and having a life. The tragedy is that:

A. So few people understand the distinction; and

B. Many of those who do understand the distinction fail to make their passion their career.

The story of Toronto lawyer and math professor Peter Rosenthal is fascinating and inspirational.

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