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The LSAT Goes International

“Dan Bernstine, president of the LSAC, said: “The Law School Admission Test has been used very successfully in the US and Canada for over 60 years. Interest in using the test for law school admission has spread to Australia, Japan, Korea, China, and countries in Eastern Europe. We are very excited about the opportunity to adapt this excellent tool in a way that will be useful for assessing the critical thinking skills of applicants to law programs in India.”


One World! One Law Services! Many LSATs!

So far Law Services (the company that develops and markets the LSAT) has expanded into:

India – Creating LSAT India with a slightly modified test format

Australia – same test format different Australia LSAT test dates

New Zealand – same test format New Zealand LSAT test dates

Canada (since the 1970s) – same test and LSAT test dates in Canada

Now, for the first time, the LSAT is experimenting with a “foreign language” version of the LSAT. Yes, in February 2014 the LSAT will be offered in Puerto Rico in Spanish.

Information about the Spanish LSAT – LSAT EN ESPANOL-  is here.

It will be interesting to see whether this is the “LSAT In Spanish” or a “Spanish  LSAT”. So far, a sample does NOT seem to be available.

Stay tuned!